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Preparing a brand for the next 60 years.

Founded by George W Padley in his home village of Anwick, Lincolnshire, Padley’s has a deep and enduring connection with the land - a rich rural heritage which stretches all the way back to the 1950s, and continues to this day.

Over those 60 years, changing the land has been central to Padley’s journey. For Tribe, this continuing evolution gave us the perfect platform for rebranding Padley’s ahead of its new focus on land promotion.

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Healthy roots > strong growth

When a brand has a great story to tell, it’s worth telling well. So when Padley’s decided the way forward was to expand their business – from its roots in poultry production, vegetable processing and arable farming – to include land promotion, we embraced its most engaging brand asset: heritage.

Creating a meaningful point of difference for Padley's in a crowded land promotion market, we based our rebrand around a simple value proposition ‘Making land work for more people and business. This is Padley.’

Turning the page

Our first call was the name. A slight tweak from Padley’s – a name closely associated with its poultry business – to Padley produced a more universal name in keeping with its newly broadened activities. Reflecting the Padley legacy, we also created a new graphic icon to communicate the quality running through the business since its G W Padley roots.

From here, the new Padley website brought the full Padley story into vivid life. With an inclusive UX that told the Padley story to both its traditional agricultural and new land promotion audiences.

Padley Website

Land of opportunity

Communicating the Padley offering from the ground up, new print and digital collateral told Padley’s unique story in evocative and compelling ways, we embraced the rural heritage space for a business that has a proven track record of making land work for more people and businesses. Here's to a future of opportunity and prosperity.

Padley Print

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