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A new generation clicking for success.

Education Partnerships from Nottingham City Council came to us to talk about how they could engage young people of all ages, in one place. They wanted to reward achievements in activities that happen outside the classroom – because evidence shows this delivers better results in the classroom.

The mission.

To open up young people’s local world, get them imagining what they could achieve – and how this would boost their self-esteem and confidence.

A new world.

We created the world of Opportunity Notts as a digital platform, where anything is possible if you take part, give it a go and try something new. Every level has a uniquely illustrated character with a distinctive personality, all with a love of adventure that supports the theme of discovery.

Fun teaching tools.

To further enhance and engage with the website activities, training cards were developed to build further confidence and give the children a real sense of achievement.

The Opportunity Notts brand has been sold to other local authorities, as it is easily adaptable, engaging and a fun way to learn.

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“It's a great pleasure to work with you guys. You've placed our service on another footing altogether. All very exciting and in no small part due to your input, support, encouragement and creativity.”

Education Partnerships Nottingham City Council

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