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Modernising a brand. Mobilising a county.

Active Lincolnshire is part of Sport England, a nationwide network of 42 not-for-profit organisations that partner with local councils and businesses to beacon the benefits of being more active – so that every single person can live a happier and healthier life.

Ready and raring to go.

We’re in favour of anything, or anyone, that works to promote the benefits of increased physical activity. Even if it’s a walk around the block to limber up and get the blood going, movement’s an essential part of life. It’s good for the body. For the mind. And anyone who’s ever chosen to take the scenic route home on a long summer’s evening will know it can also be good for the soul.

So, when Active Lincolnshire approached us and expressed their desire to update their brand and launch a new website – one that better reflected their ambitions as an organisation and worked to increase engagement across the county – they didn’t have to ask us twice.

Pre-season training.

Nobody runs a marathon without putting months of training in beforehand. Similarly, we begin every project with focussed research to lay the foundation of our approach and inform future creative and strategic decisions.

Through workshops and meetings – involving our expert design, digital, creative and written-word athletes – we were able to get into the heart of the Active Lincolnshire brand, working collaboratively with their core team to identify opportunities for improvement, whilst all the while keeping an eye on the key deliverables. After all, when it came to the branding, this was a case of evolution, not revolution. Of building on the successes of last season but pushing one step further.

AL Marque explained v4
AL Marque v3

The main event.

This was a brand that wanted to make a positive impact to the way people lived their lives. It was a vibrant, exciting and lively purpose, and this needed to be reflected in both the design and the tone of voice with which Active Lincolnshire put themselves out there.

The logo, fonts and colour palette were all stripped down, simplified and made bolder and punchier to convey confidence, and the copy shifted to place a greater emphasis on motion, collaboration and inclusivity.

“More people. More active. More often.”

AL Social Media v3

Because as much as this project was about how things ‘felt’, it was also about taking people on a journey. About showcasing the best of the Active Lincolnshire brand and encouraging businesses and other organisations to ‘buy-in’ to the vision of a more active and healthier Lincolnshire.

Guided by this, we understood the website needed to be simple, intuitive and user friendly. People needed to be able to find the information they wanted easily and without hassle, and they needed to be able to find it quick. From our initial research, we identified four core audience groups – Sports, Education, Healthcare and The Local Community – and, with these in mind, we engineered a site structure that grouped relevant content together so as to deal more empathetically – more intelligently – with the user’s individual needs and purpose for visiting.

AL Website Plan v3

Much like the branding, the website design was developed to create a sense of excitement and motion. Up-close variations of the new Active Lincolnshire ribbons were used – some thick and vibrant, others thin and elegant – to help things feel dynamic and fluid, and subtle animations worked quietly in the background to provide both life and personality.

AL Laptop 2 v3

A 1st place finish.

The result? A modern, future-proofed and purposeful brand and website that effortlessly works to provide the right people with the right information. Take a look for yourselves

Cooling down in the ice bath.

This wasn’t a photo finish – it was a clean sweep. From beginning to end we thoroughly enjoyed every second of this project, and we were thrilled to see what a difference our collective work was having on engagement levels across the site. An overwhelming success.

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