Launching under Lockdown

We’re really pleased to have launched a number of projects under the restrictions of lockdown, some completely remotely having only met our clients virtually! This includes new brands, new websites and new digital marketing campaigns. Let’s take a look at a few recent projects that we’re particularly proud of:

Launching a new brand

Working with BFY Group, our brand creatives and strategists have created a new visual identity that is modern and professional to emulate the inner success of the business. Excitement around the rebrand has been generated under a campaign that both re-positions the new BFY brand and cements them as consultancy experts in the energy industry.

Bfy launch
Bfy launch2

Launching a new website

After evolving Robin Hood Energy’s brand to feel clear, kind and confident, we designed a user led site structure that was oriented around helping the customer find answers quickly and get an online quote. The website design uses an extensive component library which puts RHE firmly in control of their content management and allows them to build new pages with ease. The site is already seeing some fantastic results.

Rhe launch

Launching a digital marketing campaign

It’s been great to work with Facit Data Systems to launch their new social distancing software that helps keep customers, employees and businesses safe in todays world. Sandbox created a digital marketing campaign to effectively promote this new software, predominantly through LinkedIn. All messaging and design has been created across landing pages, emailers, animations and social media assets.

Facit launch2
Facit launch1

There's more to come

While some businesses are starting to return to office environments it's clear that some form of remote working will be around for a while. With a few months firmly under our belts, we are feeling very comfortable and confident with how we collaborate remotely - not just amongst the team but also with our clients.

This is just a snapshot of the recent work we’ve pushed out into the world through remote working. There’s more to come! If you need any marketing support or creative minds on a new brand, website or campaign then we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss an upcoming project.