Craft CMS for designers

Craft CMS is designed for the internet of today. It’s simple, intuitive and personalised. We know our developers love building with it, and we regularly hear that our clients love how easy it is to manage their website content. But why is it a great option for designers?

Flexibility enables creativity

Craft CMS gives us buckets of flexibility that allows us the freedom to explore creativity. Unlike some CMS, we’re not tied down to fixed page templates, so you don’t get that ‘templatey’ feeling. Craft gives us far greater creative freedom from a layout perspective as we can mix and match components to form bespoke page designs. This means that we’re never forcing content into a template that simply doesn’t work.

Our designers feel like they can design with complete abandon for the build side of things. It’s all taken care of. There are far fewer limitations and constraints when it comes to designing pages for Craft which allows us to indulge in more creativity. Plus, the knowledge that these layouts can still be implemented without hacking together a ton of plugins.

Connections that count

We can design a whole range of engaging and considered layout variations thanks to Craft’s powerful relationships between content, which is where our component-based approach really comes into play. Related content can easily be reused or repurposed in different locations across a website. We’re able to design engaging landing pages, news articles, long-form content, image-focused product pages – all with a customisable set of well-considered web components.

200701 Work Web Grid Image

Love Simplicity

No question – Craft CMS has THE most user-friendly interface out there. Unlike other CMS, where you have to re-learn how to navigate the overwhelming menus and layouts each time you login, Craft is very clean and intuitive. Our UI designers and developers can collaborate to design the CMS admin so that it is tailored to your website structure and content. We also love adding helpful descriptions to the content fields to give our clients a steer on the optimum character length or the best image dimensions etc. It’s not an out of the box theme, we can design and personalise the admin to make content management even more seamless so that our clients can easily maintain their websites for years to come.

“ When I’m designing a Craft website, I never have to think ‘I’m designing a Craft website’ ”

Lucy Williams Digital Creative Lead

Designers at Tribe feel empowered by Craft’s flexibility because it makes it easy to design websites that look as good as they work!

Our web designs are creative, engaging and in tune with customer journeys so that our clients will score those essential leads. Get in touch if you want to hear more about Craft CMS.