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What is a UX Review and why do it?

A good UX Review will highlight ways to enhance your users online experience, resulting in a positive perception of your brand and increased conversions.

First things first - what is a UX Review?

A UX Review is where an experienced UX designer takes data, insights and expertise to review the user experience of a website or app and uses this evidence to make recommendations for improvements.

Insight + Data + Expertise = Recommendations

Why conduct a UX Review?

The ‘why’ may vary depending on which ‘mode’ your business is currently in:

Preparation – Your brand may not have launched yet, but some work has already been done. Maybe you’ve got a small one-page website live but you need help to build your brand online and get it market-ready. You can’t afford to give your new customers a poor online experience that will damage that crucial first impression of your brand.

Improvement – Your brand website is live but you’re making improvements to your offering or adding new features to create a better brand experience. It’s crucial that you retain customers, build their brand loyalty and encourage referrals.

Iteration – Your brand may have been established for a while, but your website isn’t converting as you’d hoped. You need some help to focus your budget on the right improvements to optimise your customer journeys and translate them into a desired action.

If you fit into any of the above, then it’s worth noting that it costs six times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep an old one. It’s important to keep your existing customers happy and a UX Review is a cost-effective way to quickly identify where the least effort can have the biggest impact on your website conversions.

Every $1 invested in user experience will bring $2 and $100 in return.

In summary, a user-driven website can improve your brand experience, help you to attract new customers, get users to perform a desired goal on your site, and can measurably assist with retaining customers.

Want to know more? You may find it useful to read our article on what a UX Review involves.

If your website isn't converting as well as you’d hoped, you’re seeing high bounce rates or you’re not getting enough leads then it sounds like you could benefit from a UX Review. If you want to discuss more then please contact our team on 0115 941 2184 or email

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