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The real impact of Covid-19 on the creative sector

It goes without saying that COVID-19 is having an impact on all business, good or bad. The creative and digital sector is no exception but, with the right mindset and skills, there could be some real positives in how we move forward and return to normal trading circumstances.

As soon as the nation went into lockdown Sandbox had multiple projects put on hold. To have so much stop, all at once, was very worrying. It was as if the pause button had been pressed, except all the bills still needed to be paid.

Further down the line, and after lots of renegotiating, replanning and quick reactions, thankfully we’re still moving.

The biggest challenge we’ve had is that marketing budgets have been stopped. This is actually a time when it would be really beneficial for a lot of businesses to take advantage of the situation and get their websites and marketing in order, ready to hit the ground running in the not too distant future. Get that digital transformation project moving. Get the re-brand done that the owner never has time to think about. But few businesses are thinking that way.

Sadly, not all businesses will see the other side of this situation, but we’re determined to make Sandbox one that does.

The business environment will be very different in a short space of time and there will definitely be some hard times ahead. With a more remote way of working and the need for more digital solutions, there could be some real positives for creative agencies with the right mindset and skills. After all - small businesses are fiercely determined and creative/digital agencies are gifted innovators.

A new way of doing business is already happening.

Creative and digital agencies need to do what they do best and show innovation through imagination. Show businesses how to market themselves in a different world. Look for and think about the possibilities, then, all of a sudden it’s quite exciting.